Industries Served

Whatever your industry, Willis Day Properties Inc. and Willis Day Storage Company provide a wide-range of logistical warehouse and industrial real estate leasing, development and management services to meet your needs.

We offer cost-effective warehouse and office space for a wide range of businesses and industries including:

  • Manufacturing, including raw materials and finished goods inventory
  • Retail
  • Consumer products
  • Food and beverage
  • Lawn products
  • Tires
  • Automotive components
  • Robotics
  • HVAC
  • Component supplier
  • Medical supplies
  • Records storage including medical and legal, manufacturing
  • Fulfillment organization

Regardless of your company´┐Żs storage needs, Willis Day Properties Inc. and Willis Day Storage Company will find a solution for your warehousing and storage needs.


We rent space for manufacturers to store overflow materials. Our manufacturing customers can also use our warehouse space to accommodate light industrial manufacturing.

Raw Materials

When it comes to storing raw materials, Willis Day is not limited by space or industry. Currently, our warehouses store raw materials for businesses in the automotive, glassware, tire and container industries.

Records Storage

Willis Day Properties, Inc. and Willis Day Storage Company has experience in maintaining a secure environment for records storage including medical or legal records.